Oleri Wild Art

People ask "What is Art?"

The ability to make art can’t be bought or sold, nor can the ability to understand it be purchased. Art is a thing of nature and nature comes to us in the form of a gift. We receive it (hopefully) with a sense of wonder and humbleness, yet, arrogantly; I believe I can answer the question "What is Art?"

I believe art is something that comes from nothing, consciousness made into matter (and again into consciousness in the one who "sees" it), as unique as each individual who creates and each who observes, and something uniquely new, never having existed before.


Dimensions: 16" x 20" Oil paint on canvas. SOLD

One of the first paintings I’ve done. The juxtaposition of opposites; interior versus exterior, artificial vs. wild, predictable vs. unpredictable, real vs. surreal…

People ask me "What do you paint?"

This is difficult for me to answer because, for me, art thrives on freedom and is a primary source of the joy felt in the creative act. I start with contemplation, and by remembering, observing, daydreaming, and letting my mind wander freely. Sometimes the ideas come full blown; sometimes I can’t see them at all, just a feeling of direction or an interesting phrase. I develop my ideas with pencil & paint, canvas & study. I nurture them with time and self care.

As a painting evolves, I am amazed, surprised, and even sometimes pleased by the outcome but I do not feel like the creator, just as the gardener is pleased if a plant he or she plants grows well, but is not deluded into believing him or herself the source of the plant. Each painting is a synchronistic culmination of events. I am happy with a work if it seems “true” and original and if it has meaning.

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I remember first wanting to make art when I was about four years old. It manifested itself as a strong and conscious desire. Interestingly, this correlates to the time in childhood when empathy, the ability that makes one fully human, develops. I believe that humans are "hard wired" to create. Why this should be remains a joyful mystery to me. While painting or drawing I often feel a sort of "high" in which I lose all sense of time and self. In a way I believe these are my best moments, and feel that this is what life is for.